decyphering the decameron


Graphic system used as a frame of reference to understand the work of Boccace, The Decameron. Thanks to it we can appropriate this famous piece of litterature in a playful way and see in it dramaturgic hypotheses for a theater play.

This project accompanies the creation of « Farewell, Empire ! ». Freely inspired from The Decameron, this show was perfomed at Théâtre National de Strabourg, France, on 6, 7 and 8 April 2017. The Decameron was written by Boccace in 1348 and tells 100 stories told by 10 young people during 10 days to escape from the Plague that strikes Florence. In order to adapt it in a theater play, I decoded its story's inside structure and translated it visually with a straightforward signs system.

Pictographic system

Once classified, combined, deployed, theses organised shapes visually synthetize all the stories ; they show their structural geometry ; they identifie a social and narrative organisation ; they allow to rework the tale in order to perfom it and to gather a troupe together around a common graphic language.

Once upon a hundred time

The graphic system was declined in a card game. This one make use of the graphic potential of the previously created tool and it enlarges The Decameron's world to other fictions. The object of the game is to get rid of all one's cards by telling a story from them.